"I love Gratisfied bars! They're the only bar on the market that is minimally processed, tastes delicious and not artificial, has real ingredients that are nutritious and tasty, & will keep you satiated for hours!"

"These are my go-to bars! I travel a lot for work and keep these on hand for a healthy breakfast that's delicious but also won't make me crash! Can't get enough!!"

"This is one food my body cannot live without. It sets the tone for my health when eaten for breakfast and helps my gut health for the remainder of the day. It's very rare to find a bar that's so healthy and so delicious. Thank you so much for developing a product that cares for our body and health!" - Amy F. 

"Gratisfied Bars are hands down the BEST out there! Made from real, whole foods that support blood sugar balance & satisfaction - all while tasting delicious, no odd texture, not overly sweet - they are seriously perfect. I share them with friends & family, but as a registered dietitian, these are one of the few very bars I recommend to every client without hesitation. Keep up the great work Gratisfied team!!“What I love most about all of Gratisfied bars is that they keep me full! The natural fats & protein make them a satisfying snack. Not to mention, the flavors are all amazing!” - Jen F. 

“Love these bars!!! So moist, and healthy & delicious!!”

“I have been eyeing these bars on social media for a WHILE. I am so glad that I finally decided to give them a try! I was initially worried about buying a 6-pack.... but now I’m deeply regretting not buying the 12-pack! These have become a favorite in our household!! Yum, yum YUM!!!”

“These are the BEST bars ever. Most bars are too sweet for me. Not only are they healthy, but the perfect combination of taste and texture. These bars (eaten at room temperature) go great in the morning with a cup of coffee!”

“I can be confident when I chose a Gratisfied bar that I am eating something well balanced and tasty! I love them to grab and go or to savor with a cup of tea. The pumpkin flavor is something special for sure!”

“I've struggled with a variety of GI conditions in recent years which has led to many dietary sensitivities. It has been such a [very first world, but nevertheless] frustrating experience wanting to grab a quick bite or little pick-me-up from the store only to look at the labels and see that just about everything has either wheat, dairy, soy or absurd amounts of sugar in it. It was such a delightful treat when I found Gratisfied bars! They are so tasty, convenient and satisfying - not to mention so aesthetically packaged! It's the little things that can brighten my day! I also always love reading through the Healthified magazine - the articles always feel so timely and relevant! Thank you so much for all you provide for the community!”

“I absolutely LOVE Gratisfied bars! I intermittent fast/carb cycle, and these fit so perfectly into my macros!!! Happy to have found something so clean and delicious!!!!”

“I love these bars! All natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Filling and delicious. My go to bars for a midday snack.”

“I'll start by honestly saying that most of the natural, whole food-based, energy/protein bars I've tried have been lackluster and I'm usually unimpressed. That is NOT the case with Gratisfied. Truly, they are delicious. Great texture, mouthfeel, moist, soft, balanced flavours, don't leave your throat dry or get stuck in your teeth. The Pumpkin Spice bar might as well be labeled as a dessert. It's that good.”

“The pumpkin spice bars have quickly become a morning ritual I look forward to!! I sit down with my matcha and enjoy each delicious bite.  Because of the way the bar is balancing with nutrients, I feel satisfied after eating it as well and not grabbing for extras throughout the morning.  I would go as far as to say it has me making healthier choices throughout the day because starting with something so pure makes my body feel good.” -Rachel Stricklin

“These delicious bars from Gratisfied has helped me to stay on plan with my health and fitness goals. I use them as a meal replacement since it keeps me full for HOURS! It’s absolutely amazing how it also satisfies my cravings for sweets. I will always keep these bars on hand as long as the company keeps producing them!” -Chanda Bosley

“I love the cacao bar!!! Anything with almond butter makes food so much tastier. This is definitely the best bar you have (although I have not tried the pumpkin spice yet - which sounds amazing!) I love how the ingredients are healthy and natural. I never feel guilty eating it when I’m in a hurry since it’s good for you. Great job everyone!” -Cara Oliveto

“These bars are delicious and I don't worry about unnatural ingredients. They are a staple in my house and a convenient go to when I am in a hurry. I can't wait to try the pumpkin flavor." -Sara Dodson

“These bars have changed everything!! They are so delicious and made with REAL INGREDIENTS I CAN READ! My favorite bars are the Empower Bars and I love the new cacao flavor! Just read about the new pumpkin spice flavor and I cannot wait to try it!! Thank you for making such amazing bars!!” -Jenn Mattone

“We recently found Gratisfied bars at Whole Foods, and they just might be our new favorite bar. Love the flavor combined with the low sugar content, and the protein it provides really makes it filling and satisfying as a meal replacement. Always so glad to find a bar that really cares about the ingredients they put into their recipes. Excited to try all the other flavors!” -Chris Wright

“You guys are doing such a great job with the company & brand! I love these bars from the natural ingredients to the flavor! They are amazing and I cant tell enough people about them! Definitely a top bar in the market now! Love you guys!” -Shakira Tassone

“I love your bars. The pumpkin spice is my favorite. I love the taste and texture of the bars. I also love that while I am eating something that tastes incredible, I am getting protein and healthy fats with very little carbs. I eat the bars with yogurt instead of granola. I eat them as a snack in the afternoon. I am convinced these bars have been instrumental in helping me maintain healthy blood sugar levels. As a diabetic, that is very important to me. Thank you for a great product.” -Amy Brillhart

“These bars are not just delicious, but also amazing! I can eat them before or after a workout and feel full and satisfies. I feel good knowing that I am not putting a bunch of chemicals in my body. I love these bars.” -Abbey Lane-Sulton

“I absolutely love these bars!  Original is my favorite, but enjoy the chocolate as well.  I love to warm them in the toaster  and have with coffee.  Soooo  Good!!  Can’t wait to try the pumpkin spice.   Thank you.” -Kim McCool

“I love these bars! I eat one almost every day, either for breakfast or as part of my lunch. They are filling and absolutely delicious!” - Alison Hatfield

“Hello Sara! I LOVE the Gratisfied bars. I intermittent fast, as well as carb cycle, and these bars are PERFECT macros for my low-carb days (which are 4 times a week, ha!) I am excited to try the new flavor! Thank you!” - Haley Bishop

“Your bars have become part of my daily diet. I've tried all of them and the Empower Bar Original is my favorite.  I am rarely without!”

“I originally subscribed to the Empower bars after seeing [someone] post about them on one of her Instagram stories. As a new mom who had recently returned to work (and was still breastfeeding), I needed a healthy, nourishing, wholesome snack that was easy to pack in a work bag and eat while pumping or on the run between meetings. Before having my daughter, I made my own energy bars because I hated the amount of added sugar and unpronounceable ingredients that were in prepackaged bars. Before finding Gratisfied, I would use Health Warrior and RxBars in a pinch, but both use “natural flavor,” which we know is really anything but natural. Your product is nourishing and delicious, which is not an easy balance to strike.”

“I have really come to rely on Empower Bars in our household. Feeding a toddler can have its challenges and be a little stressful. Having an easy, go-to healthy option made with real ingredients that I feel good about giving my daughter has been a game changer. Better yet, I don’t have to make it! And the best part is the huge smile on her face every time I give her one💗”

“Finally a bar that is packed full of nutrients with a delicious taste (no bad after taste) and many uses! Eat plain, add to yogurt or warm up for a true cookie experience.  Highly recommend!”

“V Bar is soooooo yummy!!  It practically melts in your mouth...can’t wait to order!  Thanks again for letting me sample 😘”

“I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your product and the quality ingredients for your delicious bars. When I was pregnant last year I had a job where I barely got a lunch break. I usually had at least one of your bars everyday and it kept me full all day. Well my daughter is now 10 months old and I actually cut one of the plain bars up for her today in little pieces and she ate the whole thing! Which is a huge accomplishment since she usually only finishes half of whatever I give her and being that I’m pregnant again I have a lot of food aversions so can’t cook as much as I used to so this is such a great option that I feel good about that’s easy. Thank you again for making such a great product!”

“I love these bars! Perfect to keep me going while working with my 1st graders!”

“Just had my first Gratisfied Empower Bar and it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥. I’m hooked! " 

“I LOVE my empower bars!! I’m seriously addicted and seriously happy to have them. They are really perfect for my busy lifestyle while allowing me a healthy option that keeps me feeling fueled and satisfied for hours... 🏆”

“Wow! The bars are amazing!! They really are filling and delicious!! Absolutely perfect! I will be ordering more for sure.”

“Omg these are incredible. Well done!!! Most bars taste like they have been sitting on a shelf for 5 years and sit in your gut as long. This tasted great, tastes super fresh, felt good to eat... it actually tasted amazing. Hats off to you. 💯”

“I have recently become a HUGE fan of your bars....LOVE LOVE LOVE them!”

“These bars have become such a staple for me...please make them ALWAYS!”

“These bars are gold!”

“These bars are perfect for a new mom who always needs a healthy snack handy. Not to mention they are DELISH!”

“Just tried my first bar ... YUM! So excited abut these! Thank you.”

“Sara!!! The bars!!! They are beyond delicious! I can eat one for breakfast and get through a morning of teaching without feeling hungry! I used to eat a piece of toast with almond butter and would be starving in an hour. I’ve also been having fun playing around with some different toppings on them! : ) You nailed it with this recipe ... the bars are going to be a huge success!”

“Omg just tried the cacao for my afternoon snack and it was SO good. Can’t believe only 4g of sugar and AMAZING high quality ingredients!! Tasted just like a brownie 🥰 I need to order more ASAP!!”

“These bars are gold and everyone needs to know about them.”

“This bar is so good and so clean!!! Plus you get a personalized note in your order #love@gratisfied”

“These bars are the best for those days where you eat breakfast at 6 and can’t get lunch until 2. So good and they keep you full for a long time! ”

“Sara your bars are incredible! I have never had anything as filling or satisfying. I had to ration them out for myself and hide them from my husband. You’ve created a product you should be proud of! I can’t wait to order more!”

“Looking for a new addition to your breakfast routine or a snack for the road? I’ve recently tried [the bars] and they are amazing! This review is straight from the heart! I bought these bars when Sara first announced them and have been in love ever since!”

“Sara. These Bars. They are so good you worry you might eat like five at once, but they are so satisfying and filling you DON’T. It’s like witchcraft! Love love love them! ”

“This is the best bar on the market!”

“I lost 5 pounds last week on your bars!!! Literally I have 10 seconds to eat breakfast and so I can eat on the go and then not be hungry for hours. You can never stop making them!”

“I had toast today because I didn’t have an Empower Bar and my blood sugar crashed and I was all out of sorts.”

“If you are looking for a delish bar that has ingredients you can pronounce get a Gratisfied Empower Bar!!! I’m officially hooked!”

“I am loving the Gratisfied Empower Bars! Really satisfying and absolutely delicious. Perfect for my afternoon snack! ”

“Finally tried my first bar!!! WOW!!! They’re incredible!!!!”

“[The Empower Bars are] so perfect!!! I don’t actually feel like I am skipping breakfast, and I still feel nourished!! ”

“I just tried the Empower bar for the first time, and OMG. Thank you!! I am so happy to finally have a bar that doesn’t taste fake and heavily processed. I don’t know how you make it so delicious but it is now a favorite!!”

“Being a mom to a toddler and a new baby is the hardest thing I’ve ever done..there is no time in the morning to think about making myself breakfast, it’s so hectic. I’m sooo appreciative to have discovered the gratisfied bars. I just grab my bar and tea first thing when the baby wakes me up, I can eat while nursing and it’s no prep for a healthy breakfast that keeps me full until lunch. It also starts the day healthy so I make healthier decisions all day long and they are helping me lose the baby weight so much faster.”