What They’re Saying

Wow! The bars are amazing!! They really are filling and delicious!! Absolutely perfect! I will be ordering more for sure
These bars have become such a staple for me...please make them ALWAYS!
Sara your bars are incredible! I have never had anything as filling or satisfying. I had to ration them out for myself and hide them from my husband. You’ve created a product you should be proud of! I can’t wait to order more!
These bars are gold!
Looking for a new addition to your breakfast routine or a snack for the road? I’ve recently tried [the bars] and they are amazing! This review is straight from the heart! I bought these bars when Sara first announced them and have been in love ever since!
These bars are perfect for a new mom who always needs a healthy snack handy. Not to mention they are DELISH!
These bars are gold and everyone needs to know about them
Sara. These Bars. They are so good you worry you might eat like five at once, but they are so satisfying and filling you DON’T. It’s like witchcraft! Love love love them!
Just tried my first bar ... YUM! So excited abut these! Thank you.
Sara!!! The bars!!! They are beyond delicious! I can eat one for breakfast and get through a morning of teaching without feeling hungry! I used to eat a piece of toast with almond butter and would be starving in an hour. I’ve also been having fun playing around with some different toppings on them! : ) You nailed it with this recipe ... the bars are going to be a huge success!
This is the best bar on the market!
I lost 5 pounds last week on your bars!!! Literally I have 10 seconds to eat breakfast and so I can eat on the go and then not be hungry for hours. You can never stop making them!
I had toast today because I didn’t have an Empower Bar and my blood sugar crashed and I was all out of sorts.
This bar is so good and so clean!!! Plus you get a personalized note in your order #love@gratisfied
If you are looking for a delish bar that has ingredients you can pronounce get a Gratisfied Empower Bar!!! I’m officially hooked!
These bars are the best for those days where you eat breakfast at 6 and can’t get lunch until 2. So good and they keep you full for a long time!
Being a mom to a toddler and a new baby is the hardest thing I’ve ever done..there is no time in the morning to think about making myself breakfast, it’s so hectic. I’m sooo appreciative to have discovered the gratisfied bars. I just grab my bar and tea first thing when the baby wakes me up, I can eat while nursing and it’s no prep for a healthy breakfast that keeps me full until lunch. It also starts the day healthy so I make healthier decisions all day long and they are helping me lose the baby weight so much faster.