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Bringing you food
you love with benefits.


At Gratisfied, we’re getting real.

We are more than a food company - we are a philosophy.

Our philosophy is eat real food; eat as close to nature as possible. Our products contain a composition of one-ingredient foods that our bodies were meant to consume. While ideally we encourage eating those foods that don’t come in a package, we are also realists. Life is crazy and sometimes you need convenience. We get it.

Gratisfied offers products that are the best of both worlds. When it comes to eating “packaged” foods, we truly believe it is the best you can do.

But don’t take our word for it…


Behind the Bar

Created with blood sugar balance, satiation, nutrition, and energy in mind.

Sara McGlothlin is a holistic nutritionist, food writer, and yoga teacher based in Richmond, VA. She created the Empower Barfor friends, family, and clients, and after hearing how much people loved them, knew she wanted to share them with the world.

Through the usage of real ingredients, she believes food can be a beautiful and beneficial aspect of our lives - serving a purpose of nourishing our cells while simultaneously nourishing our souls.