Find On-The-Go Food Freedom This Summer!

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In years past, summer not only meant more fun in the sun, but also increased travel, days out of my routine (and kitchen), more eating out (more wine), and my healthy eating habits put on the back-burner. Although I did not know it at the time, those packaged foods I would take on road trips and pack in my pool bag wreaked havoc on my blood sugar (despite the fact they were marketed as "nutritious"), and quite simply did nothing for my hunger.

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I know this sounds like a bold statement, and I may be biased, but when I created the Empower Bar years ago it forever changed what "eating on the go" meant for me. It took the uncertainty and second-guessing out of packing snacks. I knew I was feeding my body with real food fuel, and could also feel confident that it would satiate and energize me for hours. The healthy fat, high-quality source of protein, and low sugar content combine in a way to stabilize blood sugar levels as to avoid the spike and crash. If I was on vacation or staying in a hotel, I always had breakfast figured out. Bonus if there was a juice bar near by and I could pair one with a smoothie.

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So wherever your travels take you this summer - on planes, trains, or in automobiles - Gratisfied has your back (and your healthy snack!). And with July 4th right around the corner, celebrate a newfound sense of food freedom!

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What they are saying:

“Looking for a new addition to your breakfast routine or a snack for the road? I’ve recently tried [the bars] and they are amazing! This review is straight from the heart! I bought these bars when Sara first announced them and have been in love ever since!”

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Sara McGlothlin