How Empower Bars Have Helped This New Mom!

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Busy moms have essentially been the inspiration behind wanting to bring the Empower Bars to market. While I personally do not have children, the majority of my closest friends do, and in the midst of passionately sharing healthy recipes on the internet, I received the same response: I do not have the time to make this healthy food, but if you make it for me, I will buy it.

Witnessing the care and devotion that comes with raising tiny humans on a daily basis, I can imagine there is less time to prepare healthy food. It's why so many of us (children or not) tend to fall back on convenience. I wanted to create something that offered the best of both worlds...helping you take the thinking power out of "what's for breakfast," and empower you to take care of those things and people that matter most.

Here is what someone recently had to say about how the Empower Bars have helped her as a new mom:

Being a mom to a toddler and a new baby is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The morning is especially hectic...there is no time to even think about making myself breakfast. I’m sooo appreciative to have discovered Gratisfied Empower Bars! I just grab my bar and tea first thing when the baby wakes me up, I can eat while nursing, and it’s no preparation for a healthy breakfast that keeps me full until lunch. It also helps me start the day making a healthy choice, so I then make healthier choices all day long. Plus, they are helping me lose the baby weight so much faster!

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Sara McGlothlin