Why This Paleo Foodie Is Grateful For Gratisfied ... by Sara Pomeroy

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In 2014, after an Auto-Immune Diagnosis, my doctor recommended I try a grain-free lifestyle, and I was introduced to Paleo living! After removing grains and other foods that were inflammatory to my individual body, I noticed a marked difference in how I felt.

Back then, while there was a plethora of “gluten-free” items lining the shelves, it was more difficult to find “grain-free” options when it came to prepared foods.

Though my focus is to eat primarily REAL food in its original form, having access to a “grain-free” bar, wrap, slice of bread for my avocado toast just makes Paleo living easier as a long term lifestyle, especially when you are constantly on-the-go, or when life happens (and meal prep didn't!).

When I discovered Sara McGlothlin's Gratisfied Empower Bars and had a chance to sample them, I was instantly in love with the taste, texture (which is hard to find) and the fact that it kept me full for HOURS! Their satiation factor alone makes meal prep and packing for a day of errands, road trips, and travel so much easier. 

Having a bar made with real food ingredients, which is not only grain-free, paleo, and FODMAP friendly, but also satisfying, is definitely something I am grateful for. 

Sara Pomeroy is a food blogger and wellness advocate, passionate about living a paleo lifestyle. You can learn more about her on her site or follow her on Instagram: @paleo_rva 

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What They're Saying... 

“Looking for a new addition to your breakfast routine or a snack for the road? I’ve recently tried [the bars] and they are amazing! This review is straight from the heart! I bought these bars when Sara first announced them and have been in love ever since!”

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Sara McGlothlin